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AuraSwap Airdrop Campaign

auraswap airdrop

AuraSwap, top AMM and yield farm on polygon has announced an airdrop campaign for the community. 200 participants will win 100 AURA tokens each.

Airdrop Details

  • The requirement you need to have a private wallet on Polygon Network such as MeteMask Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc & social media account on Telegram, Twitter, Discord

Step 1: Please go to AuraSwap Airdrop Bot on Telegram

Step 2: Click Start Button & Type Captcha code to verify you’re not a bot

Step 3: Click Join Airdrop & Submit Details

Step 4: Following task Join Telegram Group, Follow Twitter & Retweet pin post, Join Discord server

Step 5: Submit your private wallet address
*Please don’t submit an exchange wallet

Step 6: Done

Airdrop distribution on June 29, 2022, and we will announce winners before distribution.

Length of participation in the activity
June 22 to June 28, 2022
Airdrop distribution on June 29, 2022

Airdrop for 200 participants, each prize is 100 AURA.
200 winners x 100 AURA
If there are more than 200 participants, a random winner will be used.
The reward will be automatically transferred to the registered wallet.
If the participant violates the rules or does not comply with the conditions We reserve the right to cancel that prize to the lucky winner. and will randomly select the next winner instead

Rules for participation
1. Do not submit a list of participants more than 1 time/person if an abnormality is detected. Request to remove the list immediately and will be banned from this event.
2. After participating in the activity Participants must not delete their Twitter or retweet, accounts such as Telegram, Discord, or Twitter during the duration of the event. If found to violate will cancel that award and randomly select the next winner
3. Any use of bots or any scripting and any cheating in the hope of benefit will be banned immediately.

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