Saturday, September 24

Bread Bank NFT Whitelist

Bread Bank has announced the whitelist process for their private minting phase. Community members who get whitelisted will be able to buy NFTs earlier than everyone else.

A total of 1000 members will get access to the private minting phase. Only 2500 NFTs will be listed for sale to be bought by those whitelisted. In a case where all are not sold out, the remaining NFTs will be added to the public sale.

In addition to this, there will be a monthly giveaway for whitelisted individuals. 25 persons will be randomly drawn as winners of a unique merchandise drop. Unique merchandise means that new designs will be released every month.

How to get Whitelisted

Interested participants are expected to fill out the whitelist form. This form will let us know about the individual and what they have to offer to the project. It should be noted that filling the whitelist form doesn’t guarantee getting accepted.

Aside filling the form, there are mandatory requirements which includes:

. Being active on Discord

. Follow us on Twitter

. Follow us on Instagram

Successful members will be notified via a Discord DM by one of our creators. You will also be given a special role in our Discord server to show you are whitelisted.


Bread Bank is an NFT project which includes 3 collections and is backed by a game. The Bread Bank is where we sell loaves because we love bread.

Only 10,000 unique loaves will be baked forever, opportunities are there to be baked and not to be burnt. Be active in our community to get to know more about us and also get your special loaf of bread.

You can check us out on social media to catch a sneak peak of our tasty loaves of bread.






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