Saturday, September 24

Extend XYZ and Impossible Finance NFT whitelist

Extend XYZ and Impossible Finance has announced a whitelist competition for community members and the general public. Winners of this whitelist competition will be able to mint Extend XYZ Genesis NFTs.

There will be a total of 1100 winners from this whitelist. Interested individuals are expected to complete all tasks in the Gleam whitelist Form to gain maximum points. Winners will be given further instructions about the campaign on Twitter and Telegram.


. Interested participants are expected to fill out the Gleam Whitelist Form

. Complete all available tasks to gain maximum points

. Complete the form before the deadline date on February 15, 2022

. 1100 winners will be get the Extend XYZ Genesis NFT whitelist


Extend is a groundbreaking utility NFT project! A million Spaces will be minted for FREE on the blazing fast Solana network, the largest NFT mint to date. Mint a single Space or collect a whole Neighborhood right from the canvas.

Spaces are programmable. To start each Space gives the Space owner the ability to modify the color of a single pixel on our 1000 x 1000 Canvas. Imagine what’s possible with a little coordination! You can also buy and sell pixels on our canvas.

Extend is open to developers and new experiences will continue to be added. Each Space is minted with an X and Y coordinate. The Z is left to you, the creators.

We built on Solana because Solana is the most efficient blockchain available right now. A project of this magnitude would be prohibitively expensive on Ethereum. Based on the most recent (Nov 2021) energy usage report on Solana, each transaction uses 1,837 J, which is less than the energy usage of two Google searches and 0.000265 percent of the equivalent cost for an Ethereum transaction. To put that into perspective, minting one million Spaces uses less energy than minting an Ethereum collection of size 3.

Extend is proudly supported by Impossible Finance, Metaplex, Jump Crypto and 9UP.







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