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Introducing Project Thinkium

Thinkium is a chain-network protocol with a hierarchical structure. In the world of complicated crypto setups, it offers the solution to make processes easier for developers.

Diving into the world of Thinkium will enable us know who they are, what they have to offer and what they plan for the future.

Who or Whats Thinkium?

Thinkium is a blockchain solution nurtured by the Thinkium foundation in 2017 with the main net launched in 2020. The foundation is headed by Mr Milen who is an investment and blockchain expert with over 20 years experience.

The Project’s vision is to create an infrastructure for helping ordinary people and common users. Its broad mission is stated below.

“To build and contribute to the world a blockchain engine that helps drive the world forward in an open, equitable and just directions based on trust, consensus, and collaboration”

Why Thinkium?

Thinkium adopts hierarchical multi-chain system architecture, with high scalability, high security, and decentralized features, which fundamentally solve the impossible triangle problem of the blockchain.

It’s chain-network is design to support metaverse elements effectively since the entire network is interconnected and efficient across the chain. With its advantages of high performance, low cost, and unlimited expansion, it delivers a stable, unified and trusted world for metaverse projects.

Thinkium is an infrastructure of blockchain because of its unique structure which makes it support multi-chain sharding as well as support internal public chain and alliance chain. The goal is not to compete against other notable Chains like Etheruem, Binance, Polygon or Solana but to co-exist and contribute equally to the ecosystem.

Thinkium has all technical strength to compare with most advanced blockchain infrastructures available currently. 300 nodes have been setup globally with more to come and that will guarantee more decentralization and security.

Moreover, Thinkium is compatible with Ethereum and EVM network. Ethereum being the mother of all chains is the favorite hub for developers and applications. However, it’s plagued by high gas fees and slow performance which made it less user friendly. Thinkium provides a solution in which all Etheruem or EVM applications can be deployed effortlessly on its platform at no extra cost.

TKM is the native token of the Thinkium network. It’s a utility token which can be used to validate stake for node, medium of payment, gas fee, staking etc. It’s currently listed only on where it’s paired with USDT.

Supported wallets include Tuke Wallet and its chrome plugin extension.


The global community ambassadors program has been launched to help develop local users and developers communities. Bounties, Hackathons and grants for developers programs will be launched as well. This will enable developers create various Dapp on the Thinkium chain.

There are also plans to list the TKM token on other CEX platforms as well as bridge to other notable chains to increase user adaption.







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