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Kaira Network NFT Powered Social Media Network

Kaira Network is the very first decentralized social platform for NFT communities where users can start publishing contents using their NFTs.

Karia network offers a cost-effective and simple social platform under the influence of the Avalanche blockchain. Kaira network offers an opportunity where users can publish their contents under relative topics, while earning Kaira tokens.

Kaira Network aims to agitate the current social media experience. Karia creates meta-relationships on their social network by being the gateway between the real world and the Metaverse world. This is a Network where NFT communities will have a base social platform for creating and socializing while earning Karia tokens.

Models for earning kaira token

The 2 main ways to earn tokens on karia network are author rewards and curator rewards.

  • Author Rewards: In author rewards, users can post contents about certain topics. When other community members give the content an upvote, the creator of the content gets a kaira token reward for every upvote. This means that in Kaira, every upvote you get for your content means earning KAIRA tokens.
  • Curator Rewards: You can earn by just reading and upvoting contents by other creators. You can earn karia tokens as a curator reward anytime you upvote any content because they bring forth the posts they upvote.

Kaira aims to use these two main models to earn karia tokens and use game theory in an effective way on a social network.

Kaira Network Road Map For 2022

Quarter 1

  • Token Public Sale
  • Multiple DEX Listing
  • 10k Kaira NFT Drop
  • Kaira Network Beta Launch

Quarter 2

  • Platform Mainnet Launch
  • Private Topics Feature Release

Quarter 3

  • Cross-Chain Implementation
  • NFT Launchpad Release

Quarter 4

  • Token Governance Launch
  • Concept of Social Layer for Metaverses

Kaira Network Badges

Social Badges

Social Badges are NFT based badges that allows users to customize their usernames and gain creative access to special topics. This is simply to help create fully anonymous content.  In this way, different sub-communities for different topics will have a place to grow and flourish in our platform.

We hope to encourage the creation of role-playing-related viral memes with this. Because we want our users to be able to easily adapt to the worlds of the Metaverse.

Extra karia tokens will be rewarded by kaira network to users who use their social badges in accordance with their NFTs to create role-play content. For example, If you have an Avax Ape NFT and a “King” badge, your content in which you act like a King will mean a chance to earn more karia tokens.

Community Badges

You can have multiple badges in Kaira Network. You can earn special community badges in addition to social badges. Laura network  hopes to reach the GameFi and DAO communities first, and then other crypto communities, with these community badges.

When kaira network users obtain a specific community badge, they can be included in special topics and earn additional tokens from a reward pool created specifically for badge holders. TaleCraft is kaira network’s first partner in this regard. TaleCraft users can now use their craft NFT cards as community badges in Kaira Network thanks to the collaboration.

For example, if you have an Avax Ape NFT and a TaleCraft gaming card that you want to use as your community badge, you can connect these two together. By doing this, you’ll automatically gain access to two different prize pools that are bundled specifically for these two NFTs.

Kaira Network Partnership

Kaira network have partnered with many reputable projects like Roco finance, Lydia finance, Penguin finance, Canary dex, Yeti swap, Islander and Talecraft







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