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Krook, next x10 Gems

Krook, a trending Solana NFT collection is poised to be a gem of value. We are in the NFT craze with so many projects popping up. Krook is a unique project that’s poised to bring value to its holders.

Crypto offers us many options to boost our portfolio by owning tokens of value. What makes Krook spectacular? Why is it considered to be our next x10 Gem which should be in everyone’s portfolio?


Krook Coin is the native token of the Krookverse ecosystem. It’s a utility token that will be used for bidding and obtaining Krook NFTs such as banners, lore based NFTs and some 1/1 lengendaries.

You can use the Krook coins to pay fees to hire a Young henchman if you have a minimum of 2 Krooks. Henchmen are Thugs who travel around the Krookverse and collect Krook coin debts.

Krook coins will also be utilized as a tool for community voting. Holders can be able to make decisions about the project.

Krooks total supply is 10,000,000 and it’s listed only on Raydium at a dirt cheap price of $0.00962. Can you beat that? The project is still new and a lot of activities have been lined up to expand the project. This is expected to yield more than a decent 10X with time.

Image credit: Coingecko

Don’t forget that this project will resuscitate rugged NFTs so you can swap your rugged NFT in exchange for some Krook Coin. Think about the hype coming to this. Team has been wonderful so far as they have been able to get this listed on Raydium and Coingecko in a short period of Time.

You can buy their NFTs listed on Magic Eden and Alpha Arts to get free daily drops of 10 Kroock Coins. NFTs are only 1,131 in suppy and have a floor price of 0.35 SOL.


Krooks are a collection of 1131 randomly generated NFT’s that exist on the Solana Blockchain. the krooks are not only focused on being one of the coolest PFP projects on solana, but have a focus to help holders who have been victims of rugs. The Krook Coin has been added to provide utility to holders, Coins can be turned in for other NFTs, utilized for auctions and other features to be developed as the Krooks progress through the metaverse.






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