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LordToken Grand Opening Celebration Airdrop

lordtoken airdrop

LordToken has announced an airdrop campaign to celebrate the official launching of her platform on the 9th of March, 2022. To celebrate this, we’ll be giving out goodies to our community members as well as the general public.

Take note of the following details below if you want to participate. Remember that this competition is open to everyone.

Airdrop Details

Interested participants are required to complete the tasks in the Airdrop Gleam form.

50 winners will be randomly selected to win LordToken goodies.

The airdrop campaign will end on the 8th of March, 2022 which will correspond to our grand opening on 9th march, 2022.

Lordtoken airdrop goodies will be distributed to winners on 15th of March, 2022.

Follow our official social channels to be updated.


LordToken is a new French crypto exchange platform powered by Binance. The company will own all the liquidity and many other functions of the Binance exchange once it is operational.  That allows the exchange of crypto assets and tokens with high-end customer service, premium companions and an exclusive investment service.

This project was born from the meeting between two successful entrepreneurs, François DENIS and Nicolas LEFORTIER with a common passion for the world of crypto assets and blockchain. Lord Token’s mission is to make investing accessible to everyone and to make tokens sovereign. These tokens are the result of a reflection on the future of the monetary system, a reflection therefore more global than simple investments, the two founders having the intimate conviction (and us too) that a new world is emerging.

Beyond the simple speculative aspect around crypto currencies, LordToken is the result of a broader and more ambitious reflection on the future of the monetary system. Ambition is to make investment accessible to all through tokenization which will disrupt many markets. LordToken’s mission is to make investment accessible to everyone and to make Token sovereign.






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