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LordToken set to launch with a bang on 9/3/2022


LordToken, the first European crypto exchange powered by Binance Cloud is set to launch her services officially on the 9th of March, 2022. The French based exchange made this known on its official social platforms to inform community members and the Crypto world at large of her grand opening.

LordToken was able to raise a whooping 15.7 million dollars in a series of community token sales which is a feat to achieve recently. The LordToken fundraising was conducted in two phases, the first round was concluded in November 2021 with a $5.5 million raise, followed by a $10.2 million raised in the second round which was concluded at the end of January 2022.

According to LordToken, the conclusion of the token sales will pave the way for the issuance of its native tokens, the LTT, which will be listed on popular DEX PancakeSwap and the LordToken Exchange on the 9th of March.

LordToken is incubated by Lord Services, a firm created in September 2020 by two young entrepreneurs Nicolas Lefortier and François Denis to run a digital asset trading platform in France in partnership with Binance.

For the first time, Europe has an exchange that is expected to quickly climb into the top ten, if not higher. Historically, most new exchanges have been plagued by difficulties of low liquidity, but Lordtoken exchange’s partnership with Binance cloud resolves that; in other words, Lordtoken exchange provides crypto traders the same level of liquidity as Binance.

Lord token exchange is approaching the European continent on the backs of sincere yearnings and aspirations of crypto enthusiasts. This does not, however, make it a French-based localized exchange, since its structure and value propositions are universal in scope.

The Lord Token exchange’s partnership with Binance cloud will enable the following:

  • Seamless adoption of Binance’s entire liquidity at launch, i.e. users will have access to the $20 billion in daily transactions market, and because Lord Token is a French-based exchange, more Europeans will be able to participate in the crypto-financial space.
  •  In addition to the increased liquidity provided by this collaboration, it will involve the implementation and maintenance of a Lord Token exchange trading mobile application with a comparable user-friendly visual interface to the Binance application.

Security & Compliance of Lord Token

This is something that many people are currently on the lookout for since it defines the exchange’s sustainability and security, even if they do not yet constitute a stable legal framework for engaging crypto-players.

Lord Token, seems to have made significant efforts toward implementing this. This is why we implemented collaboration with prominent KYC/AML providers. We’re also certified by leading Blockchain Security firm Certik. That implies that your funds and data are secured with us!

What are LordToken Unique Selling Points?

Each project has a unique selling feature, which distinguishes it from the competition. The premium services that Lord Token will offer her esteemed clients are detailed below.

Trading platform for crypto assets: The Lord Token interface will include a trading application for crypto-asset exchange. This service is being offered in partnership with Binance Cloud.

Additionally, it will involve the development and maintenance of the Lord Token Exchange Trading mobile application, which will be comparable to Binance’s but will have LordToken’s colors, editorial line, and premium customer care.

Launchpad: An exclusive token launch platform or incubator to help crypto projects to gain visibility. The LordToken Launchpad will help blockchain projects raise funds and expand their presence throughout the crypto ecosystem, allowing them to launch their product faster.

DCA & copy-trading services: In addition to providing a seamless trading experience, the LordToken exchange will be equipped with relevant trading tools such as DCA and copy-trading to give traders the edge to make the most out of the cryptocurrency market.

NFT marketplace: The LordToken NFT marketplace will serve as a conduit or meeting place for collectors and creators. Creators can offer their NFTs on the marketplace, allowing collectors to bid, purchase, and sell their favorite NFTs.

24/7 support: As a user-centric platform, the exchange places its users at the forefront of all its operations, as such it will ensure swift customer support and quick resolutions of issues.

In addition to the wonderful features above, Users are entitled to Daily trading volume of $20 billion, support of 16 languages: indicating a broader variety of worldwide coverage and access to over 335 listed tokens available for trading at a very low commission rate of 0.1 percent.

LORD TOKEN utility token (LTT)

Our utility token LTT built on Binance Smart Chain will act as the backbone of the platform driving operations across our sphere. LTT plays a similar function to Binance’s BNB in Lord Token platform that will enable users to benefit from lower transaction costs while trading. It has other utilities as stated below:

  • LTT tokens will provide access to special services such as Launchpad.
  • It will serve as the foundation for the Lord Token Ecosystem.
  • LTT tokens will let investors who seek to trade their assets automatically save on social trading charges.
  • Additionally, the token will be awarded to the top-performing traders.
  • Through airdrops, the tokens will simplify the response of Lord Token consumers and will also be utilized to fuel a membership program.
  • LTT token will enable staking and burn operations.

Lord Token aims to operate a perfect and secured crypto exchange for beginners and experts alike. The General public can trade LTT as well as other listed tokens on LordToken platform starting from our opening date 9/3/2022. It will be a wonderful experience joining LordToken to witness how we set the pace in the crypto industry in years to come.






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