Saturday, September 24

Madison Finance Airdrop Campaign is live!

madison finance

Madison Finance announces the start of her airdrop campaign in appreciation to the growing community which provided support to our developments across our space and crypto space in general.

With full commitment to the community we announce our first airdrop campaign which is live today. The airdrop campaign is officially live is open for participation to everyone. This campaign is limited to over 2000 users within the community and crypto space in general.

Airdrop Details:

Live — Today, June 18th 2022.
End — July 7th, 2022

Distribution — July 15, 2022
Complete airdrop task
a. Follow on Twitter and retweet pinned post
b. Join Telegram Community
c. Join Telegram News
d. Subscribe to Medium
Submit entry on Airdrop bot:

About Madison Finance

Madison Finance is an optimum-standard financial protocol bringing an improvement to finance through a permission-less exchange with a support of the Automated Market Making (AMM) giving users ability to carry out trading operations across various chains, fast and borderless.
Built for multi- chains while providing users with a remarkable, easy trading experience bringing financial services at finger tips backed up with seamless integration.

Online Presence:
Website | Medium | TG News | Telegram Community | Twitter

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