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Paragen NFT Airdrop Campaign

paragen nft airdrop

Paragen has announced its airdrop campaign for community members. This airdrop comprise of a total prize pool of $500,000 in Paragen NFT’s. This campaign is held to prepare for the Paragen token launch and mainnet launch event in Q1 2022.

Interested participants are required to follow the details below to be eligible.

Airdrop Details

  • Campaign starts on 26th February 12:30 PM UTC and will end on 12th of march.
  • Reward Pool is $500,000 in paragon NFTs
  • Rewards will be distributed to 100 random winners i.e. 1 random NFT per winner.
  • Complete all the tasks in the Gleam Airdrop form.


 Paragen is a leading incubator and launchpad powered by the binance ecosystem on-chain focused on the Gaming and Metaverse Blockchain virtual base. The fundamentals empower users to invest in projects brought to the paragen ecosystem to grow your future investments for a better tomorrow with AAA games, MMORP and virtual world sales. Beyond the launchpad, we assist projects to ensure they are equip with the correct coverage to facilitate IGO’s and INO’s for virtual sales. In summary, we achieve the following below.

  • We advise projects on the finest class of knowledge: From marketing, strategy, to in-depth technical preface. Knowing the pitfalls and difficulties of an early stage startup, Paragen offers comprehensive advisory and expertise for early stage projects covering all aspects of a projects cycle, pre-IMO to post-IMO, implying their inevitable success.
  • Enabling long term sustainable growth for outstanding projects: We search and explore for talent, upon discovery, we come on board as incubators. A selective process, by all means, we accelerate the development contingently situating our resources and tools for such projects to utilize and leverage, therefore, achieving their full potential.
  • Exclusive Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT offerings: Through our rigorous screening process and sophisticated research papers, our community will have a portal to access safe, secure, and prestigious projects in a single hub. Establishing a gateway for a virtual tomorrow.






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