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Ribbon Protocol Token Airdrop Whitelist

ribbon airdrop

The Ribbon Protocol Airdrop Token will be distributed to over 400 million people that use primary healthcare services in 98,000 verified healthcare centers across 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

An allocation of the Airdrop will also be distributed to the Community, Developers, Team, Investors, Supporters, Partners, Collaborators and early adopters who have played a role along the way.

Sign up to the Whitelist and stand a chance to be part of the world biggest token airdrop!!!!!

To qualify for an Airdrop Whitelist spot, please complete the Whitelist Form and all related tasks listed below:

  • Join the Ribbon Protocol Token Airdrop Whitelist.
  • Join the Telegram channel.
  • Join the Telegram group.
  • Join the Discord Server.
  • Follow Ribbon Protocol on Twitter.

Further announcements regarding the airdrop will be posted on our official platforms;

About Ribbon Protocol

The Ribbon Protocol is a Blockchain-powered Web3 health information system composed of a suite of technologies that work collectively to enable personalized data-driven healthcare, universal health coverage (UHC), and collateralized Crypto financing for primary healthcare. Users of the Health Wallet will be eligible to access the airdrop upon App registration and completion of various questionnaires and health-related tasks. Health-related data collected in the app from consented users will be processed using data science techniques to create insights for personalized data-driven healthcare to improve health outcomes. Consented user information will be tokenized into NFT assets to provide collateral for secure Crypto Decentralized Finance investment into primary healthcare and universal health coverage.

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