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Solanart is another platform that has the potential of giving airdrop to their users in the future. This will be the first Nft marketplace to be listed here. You can read about our introduction to NFTs. NFT marketplaces like Opensea has given their users good airdrops in the past and it has been huge. Solanart may follow their footsteps all things being equal.

It’s an Nft marketplace on the Solana network so users are expected to interact by buying or selling Nfts on their platform. There is no guarantee on this but If they are to launch their native token in the future, they’ll definitely reward users with it.


  1. Visit the Solanart platform via any supported solana wallet and connect your wallet. Supported wallets includes sollet wallet, both web and extension, phantom, slope and coin98 wallets.
  2. You can list your Nft on their platform or buy from a huge list of Nfts listed there. Remember that there is fees attached to transactions which is payable in Sol token. Fees on the Solana network is very cheap and transaction is fast.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask report any issue encountered on their platform in their official social media handles.


Solanart is a fully fledged Nft marketplace based on the Solana network. They allow anyone and everyone to buy or sell Sol based Nfts. They aim to help promote artists or creators by offering a secured and cheap marketplace to share their art. Remember that your Nfts and Sol balance is always stored in your wallet so they are secured.

Solanart has no native token yet but they may likely launch in the future and will reward early users with the token whenever its launched. Remember that there is no guarantee to this.





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