Saturday, September 24


Solsand has announced the start of the whitelist for their SAND NTFs. 5000 unique SAND building blocks will be made available to the general public.

This promises to be an exciting adventure as Solsand is heralding the much talked about Metaverse in Solana termed “SOLANAVERSE”. Owning a unique SAND NFT offers so many opportunities to holders.

Why Hold Sand NFT?

SAND NFTs are built with utility in mind. Powering the first Solanaverse makes it a special asset.  Holding an NFT qualifies you for the following:

  1. Become a Land Owner:  Each Solsand will be allotted a plot of land in our upcoming virtual world, Solanaverse. These plots of land will be airdropped in the form of Nfts.
  2. Earn Passive Income: VERSE which is the native token and game currency will be airdropped to SAND holders based on rarity and time held. You stand to earn more if you own more SOLSAND. This will occur until the supply reaches 70%.
  3. Guaranteed Opportunities: Holders who are verified join the “Crystal List” which guarantees a whitelist for special releases and future NFT projects and games.
  4. Grand Master Dune: This is a priviledge granted to holders of 10 or more SAND NFTs. They stand to earn more VERSE after the airdrop, become part of the SolanaVerse inner cicle(gets first hand info) and be eligible to earn a percent of future projects paid in SOL.


Eligibility: All whitelisted users and Super Solarians. You can get whitelisted by filling this form. Remember that it’s done on a FCFS basis and available for the first 500 slots. Just your discord username and non exchange SOL wallet address are required in the form.

Total Supply: Only 5000! This will be released in 2 batches depending on the market. If sold out quickly, Wonderful! If not, batch 2 will be held until demand catches up.

Mint Price: 1 SOL Presale    1.5 SOL Publicsale

Mint Date: To be Announced.

Max Mint per Wallet: This will be based on Fairness and Demand. It is not yet determined but should be within 1-3 per wallet.


SOLSAND aims to be much more than digital art. It is the first phase of SolanaVerse and the foundation upon which everything will be built. Solsand boasts to become the number 1 utilty based NFT in Solana.

SOLSAND NFT will be an access to the SolanaVerse sphere while VERSE token will be our native token and in game currency.







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