Saturday, September 24

VERSITY Airdrop and Whitelist Campaign

versity airdrop

Versity has announced an airdrop and whitelist campaign to reward community members. 500k SITY will be given to participants as well as whitelist spots and NFTs.

Airdrop Details


> Top 200 will be whitelisted for the Token Sale.
> 200 Whitelists will be randomly picked-up among ALL participants

There will be some extra rewards as per the rank: 🥇#1 : 250.000 $SITY ( 3750$)
🥈#2 : 150.000 $SITY ( 2.250$)
🥉#3 : 50.000 $SITY (750$)

Free NFT for the all participant who will made a purchase of $SITY token in first round.

To participate in whitelist contest please complete all the activities like follow on twitter, join telegram channels, retweeting and sharing the your referring your friends and there are some more activities to follow to increase the entries, which will increase the change of getting whitelisted in round 1 ICO which will be at the very cheap price.

ICO whitelist and token airdrop joining Link:


Versity is an open Metaverse product which is coming with the real estate on the same platform. Which make this project pretty unique. Versity is only and first project of this kind which is launching both kind of property, Real estate and Metaverse lands. Which will allow their users to purchase, sell and rent physical and virtual property, but other services also be offered like architecture, project management, virtual visits, and diagnostics etc. by creating a 3D model of real estate property and Virtual property and be rewarded with a digital asset (utility token) named as $SITY. VERSITY is the real estate of Web3.

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