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Vidi Art to airdrop tokens to Magic Eden and Solanart Users

vidi art

Vidi Art has announced that it will airdrop its native token Vidi to users that have transacted with top Solana NFT exchange platforms Magic Eden and Solanart.

Distribution is planned to be on the same day as our marketplace launch on the 7th of March, 2022. Users can claim their tokens the same day.

Airdrop Details

. To be qualified, you must have purchased an NFT through Magic Eden or Solanart. That makes you eligible and no additional steps are required.

. Distribution will be on the 7th of March, 2022. However, you can connect your wallet to see how many Vidi tokens you can claim.

. Snapshot was taken on January 25, 2022.

. The amount of Vidi tokens you will receive is dependent on the total transaction volume of your wallet. Someone who spent 30 SOL will get 10 times tokens more than someone who spent 3 SOL.

. 10% of VIDI total supply which is 50,000,000 will be reserved for community airdrop.

. All unclaimed VIDI will be split evenly between Vici Fund and Staking.


Vidi Art will be the first trade to earn marketplace on Solana as well as the first community airdrop. Vidi Art was created by three fanatic NFT enthusiast who felt the current marketplace landscape missed some key features for efficient trading.

 The total supply of VIDI tokens is 500,000. Aside our allocation for Airdrop, the rest will go to the following below.

Vici Fund → 75,000,000 $VIDI (15%)
15% of $VIDI will be allocated to the Vici Fund. Vici is the Latin word for “to conquer” and that is exactly what this fund is set out to do. The fund will be utilized to better the NFT ecosystem as a whole. The two main functions for the Vici Fund will go as follows.
Vesting Period of 6 months with a gradual 5.5% release every month afterwards.

  • Vidi Community Compensation: VCC will be used to compensate victims of rugged mints on the Solana ecosystem.
  • Developer/Artist Grant: A grant for those individuals who build/improve the $VIDI ecosystem.

Staking → 100,000,000 $VIDI (20%)
LP Rewards → 50,000,000 $VIDI (10%)
20% of $VIDI will be used to reward holders who stake $VIDI while 10% of $VIDI will be used to reward those who allocated their $VIDI to the pool. Both Stakings and LP Rewards will have a 2 year linear release schedule.

Trading Rewards 200,000,000(40%)
40% of $VIDI is reserved for trading rewards. Users who buy and sell on Vidi.Art will be rewarded $VIDI every day. Trading Rewards will have a 2 year linear release which will mean the amount of $VIDI that can be earned will be the same everyday and split among those who bought that day.

IDO 20,000,000(4%)
4% of $VIDI will be sold in an IDO where anyone will be able to participate. The funds earned from the IDO will all go to the liquidity pool from the beginning.

Liquidity Pool 5,000,000 (1%)
In the beginning, the team will add 1% to the liquidity pool as well as all revenue from the IDO. This will ensure $VIDI will have protection from what happened to and allow for a liquid token.






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